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• Elemental composition of the Biomass.

• Fuel characterization (composition and calorific power).

• Modeling and optimization of thermal schemes using Gate-Cycle and Thermoflow.

• Evaluation of thermal performance of steam boilers.

• Project and evaluation of absorption refrigeration systems.

• Project and evaluation of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

• Numerical simulation of thermal-aerodynamic processes using the CFX software.

• Projects of modular systems for the generation of electricity from biomass.

• Evaluation of the performance, commissioning and maintenance of gas microturbines.

• Project and evaluation of biomass gasificators.

• Energetic auditing of cogeneration systems and processing plants.

• Projects of cogeneration plants for the use of biomass and/or natural gas.

• Licensing and training in the use of the SBC - Steam Boilers Calculation Program, for the calculation of thermal-aerodynamic in boilers.

• Evaluation of the life cycle of biofuels and residues.

• Modeling of pollutant dispersion.

• Isokinetic sampling in funnels.

• Selection of equipment for prevention and control of air pollution.

• Formulation and evaluation of projects on the energetic use of biomass and residues.

• Specialized training in thermoelectric and distributed generation.

• Technical report in case of damage processes.