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The Laboratory of Diesel and Steam Thermal Systems is made up of a water-tube boiler with automatic burner (capacity of 1,500 kg/h of steam at 15 atm of pressure), a steam turbine with Curtis wheel, 85 kW nominal power, a three-phase alternator, a speed reducer and a water condenser with an external cooling tower. There is also a pressure reducing station 12 bar to 1.5/4 bar to simulate a consumer.

The laboratory also has a 65 kVA diesel generator group, parallel to the network. All measurement instruments are connected to a computer with a graphic interface and data acquisition board.

There is also a small steam turbine that is disassembled for demonstrations.

The steam cycle has been used for performance tests in under-graduate courses and during the training of thermoelectric power plant technical personnel.

85 kW steam turbine with electric generator and water-tube boiler of steam cycle