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The Training Laboratory for Thermoelectric Power Plant Operators was established at the Federal University of Itajubá Campus. A room was prepared to receive all necessary equipment for the installation of a simulator. The training center layout can be seen in Figure 01. It can be observed that the layout was defined as to reproduce as best as possible a control room in a real thermoelectric power plant.

Figure 01 - Training Center Layout


The Training Center has 08 work stations, each one with 02 monitors, besides the stations dedicated to imitate the electric panel and the gas and steam turbines control panel. This configuration allows the simultaneous training of up to 08 operators, each one operating his own control station, with total integration of the user to the operational procedures, increasing his operational skills.

Figure 02 - Panoramic view of the Training Center

The thermoelectric power plant modeled at the simulator installed in the Training Center is of the multi-shafts combined cycle type, with 02 gas turbines and 01 steam turbine (see Figures 03 and 04). This power plant has a liquid power of 712 MW, efficiency of 58% and can use natural gas or diesel as fuel. Besides that, because it has recovery boilers bypass dampers, it may be operated in simple cycles, that is, only with the gas turbines operating.

The main pieces of equipment of the simulated CCGT have the following characteristics:

• Gas turbine: 2 x GE MS9001 FA (225MW)
• Steam turbine: 1 x GE D-11 Steam (275MW)
• Generators: 3 x hydrogen-cooled generators
• Recovery Boiler: 2, with three pressure levels (140 / 27 / 7 bar), supplementary firing and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for NOx control.

The characteristics of the modeled power plant were determined as to represent the state of the art in terms of thermoelectric generation. Thus, it was used as a reference the Ratchaburi Thermoelectric Power Plant (Electricity Generating Holding), recently installed in Thailand.

Figure 03 - Simulated thermoelectric power plant scheme (general view)


Figure 04 - Simulated thermoelectric power plant scheme (detail of a recovery boiler)


The simulator installed in the Training Center for Thermoelectric Power Plant Operators was configured as to allow the simultaneous and independent operation of two combined cycle thermoelectric power plants. For the operation of each one of the power plants, the following control stations are available:

INFI90 ABB/Bailey Emulator Stations
• Quantity 04.
• Multiple screens with high fidelity graphic emulation
• Dynamic updating
• Allows the interface with all control systems
• Specific screens for generation and diagnosis of alarms
• Allows the follow-up of basic variables through trend curves

GT and ST GE Mark V
• Quantity 01.
• Multiple screens with high fidelity graphic emulation.
• Dedicated to the operation and control of gas and steam turbines.

Hard panel
• Quantity 01.
• Emulated electric panel with multiple screens that reproduces the panel installed in the control room of a real power plant.
• Allows the operation of certain controls not include in the DCS , as well as the general visualization of basic electric parameters.

Instructor's control station
• Quantity 01.
• Allows the operation of the simulator, controlling all processes and generating scenarios that will be studied by operators.
• Allows the loading of initial conditions.
• Allows saving the scenarios for future analysis.
• Allows the introduction of problems (malfunctions) in the equipment of the thermoelectric power plant.

Examples of screens of the simulator